​Lithosand minimizes unwanted growth while being top-bound which means that the sand remains in place and does not fly away.

Lithosand is ready to use directly from the bag. Lithosand is swept directly out onto the surface and down into the joints - and is then lightly watered.

LithoSand is a made of special treated quartz with a high PH value mixed with binder to provide top-sealing of the joints. Lithosand is not suitable for some sorts of clay bricks.

Lithosand, laying instructions:

Lay the required flag or stone surface on a solid, sound foundation.

Spread Lithosand evenly over the dry, newly-laid surface, using circular movements of the rush; sweep the compound down between the stones/flag.

The jointing depth should be the whole of the material thickness of the stone/flag, from the bottom to a few millimeters below the surface.

Vibrate or stamp the surface to the finishing height.

Sweep and clean the surface completely free of jointing compound. Clean pore-filled/open surfaces carefully before watering using a fine/soft brush or leaf blower/vacuum cleaner.

SPRINKLE with water, until you are sure that the compound is wet; do not allow the mixture of water and jointing compound to spread out over the surface.

Manufacturer, having no control over the use of the materials, does not guarantee finished work. Replacement of any defective product shall be the buyer’s sole remedy. User shall test product in a small inconspicuous area under projected conditions of use. A proof of purchase will be required for any claim. This limited warranty excludes any liability for any consequential incidental, indirect or special damages.

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