NORMAL head office in Skanderborg, Denmark

Skanderborg is the head office for the NORMAL chain of stores. Here , they have chosen a paving solution in front of the entrance area that includes Lithomex L20 strength joints.

The challenge in the past was that gravel lay between large round concrete blocks with diameters of up to 80 cm. When it rained, this gravel was  washed up on the concrete blocks and stuck to the shoes and was carried into the fine floors of the building.

The solution was to use Lithomex L20 strength joint in a special blend with the same appearance as the type of gravel that was already there, and which is also found in the adjacent walkways in the beautiful gardens surrounding the building. This creates a firm, water-permeable joint between the beautiful concrete blocks and avoids gravel being dragged into the offices. In addition, issues around water in front of the entrance were also resolved.

Anlægsgartner Mads Beck ApS in Odder has been in charge of the construction work.

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