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Refuge islands are a significant maintenance challenge in virtually every municipality in the country. Weed control on municipal refuge island is complicated by strict working environment requirements and consideration for the many drivers. 

The performance of weed control is also associated with high risk for the operators, as drivers rarely reciprocate the consideration the operators try to show in their work.

Lithomex has the jointing products that can provide maintenance-free pouring systems. Two different products can be used in this context; Quicksand and Strength Joints (L10 / L20 / L50).

Should it be Quicksand or Strength joints? It’s the traffic load that determines your choice

Both joint products have in common that they harden into a firm, weed-free joint. Once the product is applied to the joints, the need for weed control will disappear.

If you want the refuge island to withstand heavy traffic, such as lorries, buses and agricultural vehicles, then you should use our Strong Joints (L-series products). 

If you “only” want your refuge island to be weed-free, but not resistant to heavy traffic, our Quicksand is the right choice. Read more about our Quicksand products.

Maintenance-free access refuge islands are a good investment – in more ways than one!

The arguments in favour of using Lithomex jointing materials in refuge islands are many. After installing Lithomex jointing material, your refuge islands will appear maintenance-free, which means savings on labour and refuge islands that always look great. 

See the many other “benefits” of using Lithomex jointing products in the figure below.

Lithomex model med fordele

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