Private bathing lakes and swimming pools

Bathing lakes and swimming pools naturally have a constantly water-saturated environment that places special demands on the joint used.

Lithomex’s L20 strength joint is a safe choice that looks great, resists water, is long-lasting and has no impact on the biology of the water.

Private swimming pool

For the construction of the beautiful swimming pool at this private home, Lithomex L20 strength joint was also chosen.

It offers safety, durability and high aesthetics.

Swimming lakes and natural pools

When landscaping company Junckerhaven delivers swimming lakes and natural pools, they are lined with granite and use L20 strength joints from Lithomex. Strength joints are highly suitable for the water-saturated environment, do not affect the biology of the water and provide both durability and aesthetic appeal.

The water in swimming lakes and natural pools stays completely clean with the help of aquatic plants that bind the nutrients in the water.

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