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Lithomex Easy jointing sand is a type of jointing sand with excellent properties. Jeppe K. from Silkeborg, Denmark, realised this when he needed a joint that would work on his family’s newly landscaped terrace and garden room.

“It works so well with Italian hard-burnt outdoor tiles (120 x 30 x 2 cm) and Lithomex Easy Joint – both inside the garden room and outside. In my thorough search, I have not been able to find anyone else on the Danish market who could fulfil this task.”

Jeppe K., Silkeborg

Lithomex Easy jointing sand is a ready-mixed polymer bonded sand that hardens on contact with air and water. This creates an elastic joint that protects against weeds. It is an environmentally friendly joint that stabilises the pavement and is ideal for patios, walkways, driveways and the like. In addition, this type of joint is permeable to water, e.g. when it rains or when washing the pavement.

Lithomex Easy jointing sand can be used both for new pavements and for renovating existing pavements.

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