The pedestrian street in Horsens

The pedestrianised street in Horsens, ie. Jessensgade, Søndergade and Torvet have been transformed into a modern urban space for the benefit of the city’s residents and the many visiting tourists. With the help of Landskabsarkitektfirmaet Schul A/S and Anlægsgartner Buus A/S.

In a large part of the pedestrianised street in Horsens, the permanent strength joints Lithomex L20 have been used. This type of joint was specified in the project to provide a smooth surface that is resistant to sweepers and to withstand pressure from vehicles bringing goods to the shops in the area. In addition, the pavement must be able to withstand pressure from fire engines in the event of a situation where they need to enter the area.

Horsens Municipality and the contractors and architects involved have taken all this into account with this Lithomex strength joint. The Lithomex L20 joints are also permeable, meaning that rainwater can penetrate the pavement, so there is no rainwater nuisance.

The colour of the joints was chosen by Horsens Municipality and the architects after several colour tests by Lithomex A/S. As a manufacturer, Lithomex A/S can accommodate special colour requests when you want the joints to match the selected stone 100%.

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