Torvet in Silkeborg

In Silkeborg,an area of approximately 6,000 m2 located on top of the city’s central parking garage hasbeen transformed into a stunning, low-maintenance, inspiring and user-friendly square.

Torvet in Silkeborg is inspired by local artist Asger Jorn, engineered by the engineering company MOE A/S and with paving etc. beautifully executed by BUUS Anlægsgartner A/S.

The paving, which consists of light-colored granite stones and highlights the site’s special light, is visually stretched out like a canvas and creates a cohesive base in the urban space. As ornaments on the canvas, the Jorn figures appear in a composition that is both free figures and, in selected places, grasps the edge of the room.

The figures appear partly as part of the surface, where the granite and format change in color and composition, and partly as elements that rise from the rest of the terrain to form side edges, stages, planting areas and water features.

The light-colored granite stones and figures are bonded together by Lithomex’s L20 strength joint, which excels at withstanding traffic loads when delivering goods to the city’s shops. Lithomex L20 is also frost and UV resistant, it resists sweeping and vacuuming machines, and it minimizes the cost of operating and maintaining the city’s turf.

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