About us

Lithomex produces Lithomex quality filler in strengths to cover all requirements - from patios and walking areas to motorways.​

Lithomex produces various building materials, asphalts and stone care products. Besides sales in Denmark, Lithomex exports to the greater part of Europe. The company is in continuous development and we are constantly seeking to expand our market areas and product range.​

For more than 40 years we have been engaged in paving and especially in quality joint filler. Lithomex is therefore able to professionally assist and advise municipalities, contractors, landscapers etc.

Please contact us for advice and questions. A presentation of our products and their properties can also be arranged.

​​Company information

Lithomex A/S

Lervejdal 14D

DK 8740 Brædstrup

CVR: 37394874

Phone: +45 86 22 11 22

E-mail: info@lithomex.dk

Invoices should be sent to: faktura@lithomex.dk

General terms of sale and delivery

Group of owners

Claus Hove Sørensemn

Mangement / CEO

Claus Hove Sørensen


Claus Hove Sørensen

Flemming Kok, Chairman

Hans Damgaard

Lithomex A/S ⦁ Lervejdal 14D ⦁ 8740 Brædstrup ⦁ Phone:  +45 86 2​2 11 22 ⦁ E-mail: info@lithomex.dk  ⦁ CVR: 37394874 | General terms and conditions of sale and delivery