Uppsala Town Hall in Sweden

The Danish architectural firm Henning Larsen Architects, together with the Danish landscape architectural firm SLA, have designed the town hall and the areas around Uppsala City Hall in Sweden.

It has become a fantastic building and the urban space around it. There are 1,500 workplaces, shops, meeting rooms and much more in the building, which has also become the city’s new centre.

At Lithomex A/S, we are proud of our contribution to the construction project, in the form of approx. 60 tonnes of Lithomex Easy jointing sand used in the joints of the pavements in the outdoor area around the town hall itself. This delivery was made through our distributor in Sweden, Benders AB.

The last part of the outdoor paving was  made with Lithomex L20 strength joint, as this area has heavy traffic and heavy loads.

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